Studio K Architects is a contemporary architecture design firm based in Bangalore. The firm offers professional architectural and design services with emphasis on providing clients with creative, viable and functional architectural and interior design solutions.

It was founded in 2009 by Architect Santosh, a master's graduate from TCAUP, Univ. of Michigan, USA. Santosh brings in 15 years of local and international experience in designing and handling projects of various scales ranging from art installations, furniture design, single-family residences to Hospitals and airports such as the CSIA Mumbai. Before heading to USA, Santosh was working in Bangalore both independently and collaboratively on Residential, Apartments and Commercial projects at award winning firms in Bangalore. In USA, he worked with Bates Masi Architects, Long Island and Skidmore Owings & Merill LLP, New York City.

Architecture is a constantly transforming discipline due to technology and societal aspirations. The firm understands this and situates itself as an enabler of these aspirations. As a design philosophy Santosh has always been interested in the idea of placemaking and informal use of spaces. The practice situates the inhabitant at the core of the design and the architectural intervention emerges from there. In larger scale residential projects, fostering a sense of community and creating informal public interaction spaces are extremely important to us. In many of our projects that has been the starting point of design

We are a team of creative and motivated design professionals and being a studio is very important for us since it allows us to indulge ourselves in the design processes and keeping the firm purely design oriented. The design process is informed and guided by a synergetic amalgamation of function, space, structure and aesthetics. The aesthetics in this case refers to designed, structured aesthetics and non-ornamental.


Persons wishing to inquire about employment at Studio K Architects should send a resume and portfolio to our office via email to OR We respond best to concise, well-organized resumes accompanied by a few annotated images of your design work. Email attachments should be in PDF Format and no larger than 5MB.